Winners were defined by the combination of both jury and public voting. Meet our board of judges:

Matthew O’Neill / Director, producer

Emmy Award winning and twice Academy Awards nominated documentarist, making films for the last 10 years. Matthew is best-known for the HBO film “Baghdad ER”, which brought him three Emmy Awards for Nonfictional Programming.

Simon Klose / Director, Producer

Simon is a Swedish filmmaker who produced and directed a number of documentaries and music videos. His latest work TPB AFK is a controversal documentary about The Pirate Bay. Currently Simon is working on an online start-up that integrates the web in films.

Sam Bozzo / Director, Producer

Sam has created international award-winning short films and documentaries such as “Blue Gold: World Water Wars” and “Holiday on the Moon”.

Bruce Perens / Programmer, Film industry expert

Bruce has created the Open Source Definition and now he supports the development of the idea of the free software. He also worked for 19 years in the computer graphics and film industry, 12 out of which he was employed by Pixar, where he was credited as a studio tools engineer for “Toy Story 2” and “Bug’s Life”.

Justin Wagner / IAFT Marketing Director

Justin is the Marketing Director for the International Academy of Film and Television in Cebu. After graduating from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinema-Television, he worked for large companies such as Coca-Cola, now having 8 years of experience in non-traditional marketing.

Till Faida / Adblock Plus co-founder

Till co-founded the open source project Adblock Plus. Adblock Plus wants to give users control over their privacy, content and security on the internet. With the Acceptable Ads initiative, the Adblock Plus community aims to help the online marketing industry to evolve to better advertisement practices.

Public voting

The final ranking of the video had been also influenced by the combination of both public and jury voting (50:50).

Since Adblock Plus is a community-driven project, we believe that everyone should be able to contribute to the success of their favourite submitted video. That’s why half of the rankings were defined by our loyal community, as well as by many short film lovers from all over the world.

The results of the voting can be viewed here.

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