Good Morning?

Christian Miciecki / Switzerland


About the author: 
Beside my job in the IT photography and filming is a hobby for me.
I started with photography when I was young but since I bought my DSLR Canon 60D 2 years ago I am very motivated in learning to give my photos/ movies a more professional look (composition, cutting…).
With the fim making I started approx. 1,5 year ago when I found out the power of the DSLR for filming and the possible results (with small budget). Since then I am learning via online tutorials (youtube etc.) in self-study to get more skills in filming techniques (e.g. storyline, angle, cutting, lights…).
One result is the attached video which I made as a “one- man- show” project…

The Adblock Challenge gave me the chance to realize a short film about an interesting topic (annoying ads) from another point of view.

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