Home Invasion

Simon Toppin / Australia

Other team members: 
Written and Produced – Simon Toppin and Simon Gilberg
ADMAN – Travis Gillet
MAN – James Gand-Hunt
Director – Simon Toppin
DOP and Editor – Simon Gilberg
Camera – Michael Lincoln, Moses Muldoon
Sound – Ella Thompson, Ellen Tsaganas
Sound Design – Simon Toppin
Music – Kevin MacLeod
‘Bama Country’
‘Beach Party’
‘Heroic Age’
Special Thanks: Ellen Tsaganas, Jacqui Tsaganas, Con Tsaganas, Ludmila Gilberg, Sergei Semenov, Tamuz Ellazam, Peter Toppin, Paul Ritchard, Robin Plunkett, The RMIT Techs

Website: http://vimeo.com/simongilberg

About the author: 
We are two students @RMIT in Melbourne. We shot this in 7hours in the leafy suburb of McKinnon.

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