Unblock Your Freedom

Ariadna Vidal Luna / Spain

Other team members: 
Tablet PC guy – Martí Mominó Armangué
Advert guy – Nicholás Chymezuk
Website: www.aryanemoon.com

About the author: 
When I was a girl I used to love painting, writing, drawing… Until I discovered photography and video creation. A whole universe opened in front of me. My dream is to become a commercial, music video or tv series director. For me, in these fields of entertainment creativity and imagination has no limit. But I need to keep improving myself. I am from Spain and media industry is weak, specially for women like me. That’s why I’m trying to find my way in international contests like this one. If I finally win the prize (workshop or equipment) I’ll be able to prove all the things I can do. I just need the tools that allow me to do it!

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