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  • Creative Brief

    Be as free and creative as possible!

    We challenge you to create an anti-advertising ad. Unlike other companies, we don’t like annoying advertising, flashy banners, 30-second YouTube video ads and obtrusive pop-ups. Even better, we protect our users from these. Billions of ads served online every day can be a huge annoyance, and that’s what we want you to show everyone in an easy and understandable way. Create a video about anything you want, which is somehow related to:

    • Annoying ads
    • Our goals and values
    • Your experience with Adblock Plus

    … and many other topics, that capture our vision.

    We change the web by protecting over 45 million users from annoying online ads.

    What we do and what we value

    Adblock Plus is the most popular browser extension in the world. It is a community-driven project, supported by dozens of volunteers from all around the globe. Protecting over 45 million users from annoying online ads, we change the Web for the better. We value freedom of content choice, annoyance-free Web experience, as well as unobtrusive advertising, which does not negatively influence the browsing experience. Moreover, Adblock Plus helps users to protect their online privacy.

    You can read more about our product and its features or try out Adblock Plus yourself.

    Give us a graphic demo of why you’re not a demographic.
    Still confused? Here are some starters to get you thinking about the idea for your video:

    • Tell them to shove their CPM up their ROI.
    • Show us what ‘ad nauseum’ really means.
    • Side effects may include projectile vomiting and death.
    • Ask your doctor about Stupidium™

    We hope to receive the most crazy and groundbreaking videos!

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  • FAQ

    What is the Adblock Plus Creative Challenge?
    This is a video contest focused on young enthusiastic filmmakers from all over the world (just like you). The goal is to engage creative filmmakers into what they do best: make any kind of videos.

    Moreover, Adblock Plus Creative Challenge is a chance to win attractive prizes and to get noticed by film industry experts.

    What kind of video do you expect?
    Submitted videos can be of any format and genre. It can be a live action, an animation, a song or even a puppetry – film whatever you do best and try experimenting!

    How long does my video have to be?

    It should be between 30 and 90 second long.

    What is the submission period?

    The submission period for videos begins on the 2nd of April 2013 and ends on the 31st of May 2013.

    Can I make a video in a team?
    Sure! Videos can be made by individuals or by groups of people – you can mention all the names to be credited during the uploading.

    Note: in the case of winning, the prize will be presented to only one person from the group.

    In which language does the video have to be?
    Preferably, your submission will be in English, but you are free to make it in any other language. In this case, English subtitles must be provided.

    Can I use your logo?
    Of course! Feel free to use the Adblock Plus logo in your video. You can download it here.

    How do I submit the video?
    It can be done through the submit page. Just upload the file, write the title of your new masterpiece and provide us with some personal details. Please note, that for larger files it might take a lot of time to upload them.

    Alternatively, if it’s easier for you, you can simply upload your file to Dropbox or any other file hosting and send us the link and all the necessary personal details by email.

    In case of any problems with the upload functionality of the website, please contact us for assistance.

    How is it going to be voted?
    The voting will consist of both public and jury voting. Public voting will take place from 10th – 28th of June 2013. The jury consists of some industry professionals who will account for half of the voting. Read more about our judges and the voting process here.

    What are the criteria for judging?

    The main judging criteria will be creativity, relevance and the overall quality.

    Are there any cool prizes?
    Oh yes there are! We are offering a workshop at the International Academy of Film and Television or, alternatively US$5,000 worth of video equipment. 2nd and 3rd place holders will get US$2,000 and US$1,000 worth of equipment respectively. Read more about prizes here.

    Is the Adblock Plus Creative Challenge global?

    Yes, citizens of all countries are able to participate in this contest.

    How will the winner be announced?
    We will publish winners’ names on this website in the beginning of July, as well as contact them in person by email.

    Can I create the video as my university project?
    Of course! We are encouraging filmmaking students to make our project as an assignment for their studies. Speak to your professors about this opportunity.

    Can I submit more that one video?
    Sure, we accept multiple submissions.


  • Regulations

    1. Every person above the age of 16 is eligible to partake in the Adblock Plus Creative Challenge.
    2. No entrance fee or preliminary purchase is required in order to participate in the contest or to claim the prize.
    3. Prizes may not be transferred.
    4. Adblock Plus will not publish or give to the third parties any of the personal data that will be provided during the submission of the video, except the participant’s Name, Surname, website and the country of origin.
      1. All the user data and submission videos will be stored on the third-party servers. The hosting provider is also responsible for protection and security of all personal information.
    5. No equivalent value in cash will be paid out for non-cash prizes.
    6. All the possible taxes and extra shipping costs that might occur as of acceptance of the prize must be payed by the winner.
      1. If the winner chooses the workshop as the main prize, Adblock Plus will cover only actual workshop tuition fees, travel expenses to Cebu and back and accommodation costs for the period of the workshop. All the equipment, food, entertainment costs and other possible expenses have to be covered by the winner.
    7. Entrants must save a master copy of their video.
    8. Adblock Plus is not liable for any injury and damage, associated with the preparation for the contest and participation in it, awarding process and misuse of the prize.
    9. Adblock Plus has the full rights to use submissions for their own purposes after the submission period (to broadcast, stream, re-upload or modify videos), with no limitation on location or the period.
    10. Before publication of the video for voting, a splash screen will be added by Adblock Plus at the beginning and at the end of each video, and the submission will be further used only with the splash screen.
    11. By submitting the video, participants accept that all the contents showcased in the submission are produced exclusively by them, and that participants have full rights to use and distribute these contents.
      1. If the submitted media violates the rights or laws of the third party act, all liability will be on the individual or team who made the submission, including sound and graphic copyrights.
    12. Requirements:
      1. No copyrighted materials (e.g. music) can be used in submitted videos.
      2. The video has to be uploaded under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.
      3. The video is not allowed to include any pornographic, violent, slanderous or other illegal or inappropriate content.
      4. Submission’s topic has to meet the described above creative brief.
      5. The video must be submitted through the contest website.
      6. The video creator must be at least 16 years old (in case of creation of the video in the group, only the main contact person has to be over 16).
    13. All content of submitted media does not represent the position or opinions of Adblock Plus. Adblock Plus is not responsible for any submitted media content, legal or otherwise.
    14. Adblock Plus has full rights to remove any videos from the contest or to eliminate the contest with no prize awarded in case any of the requirements will be not met, or if the total quality level of the video will be considered inferior.
    15. All rights reserved by Adblock Plus.

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